How to Retrieve Old TurboTax Tax Returns?

With having TurboTax – a tax preparation software – users can easily file their annual tax returns completely online. Through TurboTax online version, users can also file their tax returns by going through its official website where they need to provide their username and password. Users may try retrieving old tax returns online without any difficulties and can save more time in order to recover old tax returns through the offline process.

However, some of the TurboTax users are not able to proceed on how to recover the old tax returns process. If you are having such difficulties in order to proceed on how to retrieve old tax returns online, you must follow the following steps to get all possible help.

So let us get started to know some simple steps to get old copies of tax returns.

 Steps to Get Old Copies of TurboTax Returns: 

  • First, navigate to the intuit – TurboTax official website.
  • Now, you must log in to your TurboTax account by entering your username and password.
  • Click on the Taxes tab to admit the My tax timeline display. All your years you must have filed your tax returns through TurboTax online will be displayed.
  • Click on the Tax return year you want to get and scroll down to the Some Things You Can Do header. Next, you have the choice to alter your return.
  • Download the tax return as a PDF file.
  • Download the tax file and Print your tax return in a .tax format.
  • In order to print your tax return, you want to retrieve, click the Download/print return (PDF) option to launch a PDF download.
  • Now, open the PDF file and print your return.

In this way, you can retrieve your TurboTax return easily. Although, there are many issues associated with the TurboTax software, one of the common issues its users may happen to have faced is “TurboTax won’t let us file returns” while using the TurboTax tool. If you are not able to proceed on how to retrieve the old tax returns process through your TurboTax account, you must contact one of our TurboTax representatives immediately. However, there are several issues with the TurboTax software – such as TurboTax error code 190. If you are facing such an error code issue, you should call one of our representatives. Our TurboTax experts are available 24/7 in order to get you all possible help right away.

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