Working Mechanism of TurboTax for Military Members

One of the unique tax structures, however a complex one, is related to Military taxes. Most of the Military service members have to deal with various types of pay – tax-exempt combat pay, special duty pay, etc. For all of these complicated tasks, TurboTax came out with comprehensive features in order to eliminate all sorts of complicacies.

TurboTax has been made its tool that is free of cost or at a discounted price for the U.S. Military members; many service members of the Military have simple tax structure as they don’t own any kind of property or have complex investments. However, some of the TurboTax users complained about the issue of not letting them to file tax returns. One of those members complained about social media that “TurboTax won’t let me file returns, what can I do”.

Some of the Tax Filing Benefits for the Military Members

  • Waive Penalty: A wave of the 10% penalty tax for early withdrawal from an IRA, if any of the military members are called for duty that might cause financial hardship.
  • Combat Payment: Payment received in combat zones is exempt from federal taxes.
  • Job Finding Expenses: Military members are exempted from job-related expenses such as resume preparation, travel expenses, and outplacement agency fees.
  • Provisions for Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC): Military members are able to use non-taxable pay in order to be eligible for the EITC credits.
  • Tax Deadline Extension: Military members working overseas are eligible for a free tax deadline extension due to their overseas service.
  • Moving Deduction: Active Military members may be able to get benefitted in deducting reasonable unreimbursed moving expenses.
  • Uniform Deductions: National guard members may be able to deduct the cost and maintenance of uniforms applicable only to those who are not allowed to wear certain uniforms away from on-duties.

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